BankID is its own company together with BankAxept, and is no longer a part of Vipps. That means that our app has moved to our own developer account at Apple, and moved out of the Vipps account.

With the BankID app you can identify yourself, confirm payments and sign documents.

The app meets official security requirements and can be used to:
- Log in to public services and banks
- Sign binding documents electronically
- Confirm online payments

Instead of using the one-time password from your code device or confirm with BankID on mobile, you rather approve requests directly in the app. The BankID-app is used together with your social security number and personal password.

To get started you need to have a BankID certificate issued by a bank. At the moment only people with BankID from certain banks can activate the BankID app*. Check where your BankID is issued at

*List of banks that support the app:

Release notes

In this version we’ve done some minor visual improvements, including some updates to the old-to-new app migration flow. We also made some tweaks under the hood to make the app more stable.

Please feel free to send us feedback if you have any ideas on how to improve the app further!


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Minimum OS version

iOS 12.0


Free ($0)

Download in Apple App Store