Scan it. Bin it. Get rewarded with Bower.

Ready to level up your trash game? Track your impact, learn more about waste, and master sorting with Bower. Dive into a world where dealing with trash is not just good for the planet but also fun and rewarding. Do something good; join over 650,000 users and become part of the movement today.

Why Bower?

Fun challenges: Turn trash into a game by participating in exciting challenges and competitions.

Make a real impact: Track your CO2 savings and see how your efforts contribute to a cleaner environment.

Every piece of trash counts: Help create a world where everything ends up in its right place or the next best destination to get a chance of being useful.

Award-winning app: Recognised by Apple as one of Europe’s top sustainability apps, Bower has earned several major awards, including the Edie Awards 2024 and Global Startup Awards 2023.

Here’s how it works:

1. Scan it: Use our app to scan items with barcodes or snap a photo using our image recognition technology to identify any material.
2. Bin it: Locate the nearest waste or recycling location through our app or register your own. Dispose of your items properly.
3. Get rewarded: Complete challenges, join competitions, and track your environmental impact by monitoring saved CO2 emissions.

Join the Global Movement: We believe that everything has a value. By scanning and binning your waste with Bower, you help create a cleaner, more sustainable world. We’re launching globally, making it possible to scan everything, everywhere to reduce littering and improve sorting through fun and rewarding activities. Help us transform dealing with trash from a chore to a rewarding game, one scan at a time. Download Bower today.

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