Recycle and Get Rewarded with Bower – The Award-Winning App! Proud winner of the Global Startup Awards 2023 - People's Choice. Earn points for every packaged product you consume. Convert your points to money, gain direct cashback by uploading purchase receipts, snag exclusive vouchers, or make a charitable donation. Good for the planet and your pocket. Join the movement with over 570,000 users – get onboard with Bower today!

Here’s how it works:

1. Scan & Sort: Scan the barcodes of your products at home.
2. Recycle Right: Find your closest recycling station in the app or register your own. Dispose of items correctly and get rewarded!
3. Earn by Making a Difference: Convert your recycling points to cash, gain direct cashback by uploading your purchase receipts, secure exclusive vouchers, and witness your positive impact on the environment through saved CO2 emissions.

Why Bower?

Cash in Your Pocket: Earn cash, get rebates on your purchases, or exchange points for exclusive vouchers.
Make a Real Impact: Your effort counts! Understand your CO2 reduction and support charities you're passionate about.
Recycling with Purpose: We believe everything has value, even the smallest items. Every product with a barcode deserves a second chance. In partnership with nearly 200 brands, we're championing a world of universal recycling, where nothing is overlooked or wasted.

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Do as 570,000+ users → download the Bower app and start making money from recycling today!

Release notes

Add items to your shopping list straight from the product card, making it a breeze to know when it's time to restock. Plus, we've taken a leap forward in protecting our younger users by introducing a filter that conceals items like alcohol and tobacco. Streamlined and secure – for the whole family!


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