Chargo is Norway’s new power bank rental system! Through our network of stations offering rentable power banks, we aim to give everyone a portable charging option to make sure you will not run out of battery! Pick up a Chargo from a venue, charge your phone in the venue or on the go, then return the power bank to any of our charging stations. Same idea as publicly shared bikes! No need to worry about running out of battery again!

How does it work

Each of our charging stations is marked with a QR-code. Download our app, register with your phone number, scan the QR code, and a power bank will pop up, just like a toast from a toaster! Like a toast might charge your breakfast, with Chargo we aim to charge your day and night. Each power bank is equipped with charging cables for any phone – Apple, Micro-USB, and USB-C. So you don’t even have to worry about bringing a charging cable! You can also use it to charge other gadgets such as wearables or headphones.

If you are on the run from one place to another, Chargo can charge you on your way. If you are at a restaurant, café or bar running out of juice, get a Chargo and charge for as long you would like. Return it to any station you choose - the same station, any other station available in the map’s app, or you can even bring it home, charge it at home and use it the next day if you would like!

Where is it

Chargo aims to have good coverage all across Oslo and we are always looking for new partner venues. Find our charging stations at kiosks, cafes, restaurants, bars, sport, and cultural arenas, museums, train stations. Where would you like to see a Chargo? Send us a message in the app or visit our website and tell us!

How to pay

Register your bank card in the app. We have a daily cap limit and will remind you to return the power bank. If you lose the power bank or forget to return it within three days, you will be charged a cost coverage. If you happen to find it again, it is yours to keep. The power bank can also be charged at home.

Contact info

Do you have any questions? Send us a message through the App, contact us at our Facebook page, visit our website or send us an email at

Release notes

We’re celebrating 50 000 users with a revamped app design and easier rental methods through Vipps. In addition to soon being present in over 1000 Norwegian venues, Chargo will also be available to use in most of Norway’s major music festivals this summer.
Come prepared – download Chargo now.

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