The Circle K Charge app is easy to use, gives you a great overview and access to practical functions when charging in Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Estonia

Find our stations
The charger map makes it easy for you to find the nearest station, charging stations along your route or an overview of available chargers so you don’t have to spend more time than necessary on planning your trip.

Full overview
Using the app when charging gives you the full overview of your charging session. You will easily see the battery status, charging speed and progress on your phone.

Boundless charging
The Charge app can be used all over Scandinavia. You will therefore have the same charging experience in all countries - no matter where you are.

Charging history
You will be able to find an overview of your charging history in the app menu. This makes it easy to find previous charging stops, pricing, charging time and average speed.

Release notes

New changes:
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

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Minimum OS version

iOS 15.0


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