Curve is a game-changing mobile wallet used by over 4 million people. It makes all your cards and accounts work better together as one single payment card, supercharging your money with cashback rewards, insights and financial control. You can even link your PayPal account to Curve and shop with PayPal in-store.

Earn Cashback Rewards

Earn up to 40% cashback from 100s of brands, including instant cashback every time you spend at household names like Primark, IKEA, Argos, Waterstones, and more. You can even earn cashback on top of any rewards you get with another card. Double rewards on a single transaction? Yup!

If you want cashback on all your essentials, you can earn an additional 1% cashback at up to 12 retailers of your choice when you upgrade. From Aldi and Lidl to Uber, Amazon, ASOS, Netflix, Apple and loads more – the upgrade can end up paying for itself, and then some!

Eliminate fees abroad without switching banks

Most banks and credit cards charge you around 3% to spend money abroad. That quickly adds up! But when you use the same cards via Curve, you will eliminate foreign transaction fees from your travels. That’s right, simply using your cards through the Curve mobile wallet can make those sneaky travel fees disappear. You can even use PayPal abroad without fees, including PayPal Credit.

*Fee-free limits vary according to subscription plan

A tiny time machine in your pocket

The only mobile wallet with an in-built time machine, Curve gives you the power to Go Back in Time® and switch payments from one card to another, after you’ve made a purchase. This can help you undo accidental payments and take more control of your cashflow. Switch debit card payments to your credit card to free up cash or maximise your credit cards rewards.

Earn 1000s of extra credit card points

Curve gives you the power to pay bills with a credit card where credit cards are not accepted. So you can collect thousands of extra credit card points every month without spending extra cash or taking out a new credit card. Just pay bills that would normally go on your debit card to bag extra rewards. You can even pay off credit cards with another credit card to earn double rewards.

Curve Fronted transactions free up to £3000/rolling 30 days with Curve Metal. 2.5% fee thereafter

The mobile wallet you never have to open

Create Smart Rules to match certain payments to specific cards so you never have to flick through your wallet again e.g. Automatically make all groceries get charged to your joint account or all purchases over £100 to get charged to your credit card. You make the rules.

Release notes

In this release, we've delicately polished a few rough edges, smoothing out the wrinkles to make your experience even sleeker. But that's not all – we've been planting the seeds for some seriously exciting features on the horizon.


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iOS 16.0


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