DiggiPay is a payment app for e-money associated with a digital e-money payment solution. When registering in the DiggiPay app, a user account is created and the account is topped up with BankAxept, Visa, Mastercard or Vipps.

As a registered user, you pay with the DiggiPay app via the QR code or an RFID chip, and the transactions are carried out faster than with some other payment solutions. E-money is managed in the DiggiPay app by adding the desired amount to the e-money account, refunding back to your own account, making immediate transfers to other DiggiPay users, and viewing an overview of your own transactions and consumption. The DiggiPay payment solution is used, among other things, by school and company canteens, various types of events and festivals around the country.

Espos Norge AS one of five companies in Norway that holds a license as an E-money company from the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority

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