FuelApp: Your Best Friend on the Road
With over 1 million users, FuelApp is here to make your life easier. It helps you save time, money, and energy when you need to refuel, charge your car, or wash it. The app provides quick access to important information like fuel prices, charging prices, washing prices, and alerts you when these prices change.

Find Stations Easily
Whether you're close to home or on a long journey, FuelApp helps you find the nearest station. It tells you everything you need to know, whether you need gas or electricity, including information about the station's facilities like car wash and payment methods.

Compare Prices
Stay updated with the latest prices from stations around you. Compare prices and find the best deal that suits you.

Rewards Program
Get rewarded for helping! Our unique rewards program rewards you for updating prices, so you and other users always have the latest information.

Historical Price Overview and Comparison
Get a clear picture of how prices have changed over time. With FuelApp, you can compare prices from different periods. This is useful to spot trends and understand better if the current price is high or low. With this information, you can plan when to refuel and make smarter choices.

Customize the Display
Sort by chain, price, location, or latest update. Choose between list view or map view - just the way you like it.

Price Alerts
Receive alerts when prices change, so you can refuel when it's cheapest.

Route Planner
With our route planner, you can easily find the cheapest fuel or charging options along your route.

Special Fuel Types
Looking for 98 octane or need fuel without E10? FuelApp lets you select fuel type, so you only see stations that offer what you need.

Available Across Scandinavia
FuelApp is available in several countries and languages, including Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and English.

Gain Full Control
Download FuelApp today and become part of our growing community. We help you find the right prices at the right time, making it easy for you to save money.


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iOS 15.0


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