HiPal is an online social app that takes a unique and innovative approach to the classic walkie-talkie.

HiPal now offers a variety of multiplayer games for you to enjoy with friends and family within the app. You can even join strangers' rooms to play and meet new people!

Within seconds, your device can turn into a walkie-talkie that allows you to chat with friends anywhere, anytime. You can even hear your walkie-talkie outside of HiPal; while watching a video, in another app, and even when your screen is locked.

• HiPal provides high-quality communication and supports one-on-one chat as well as other group options. All with no limit on distance.

• Message your friends in HiPal and it’ll pop up on their screen.

Group Chat
• You may invite up to 100 people per group!

Meet More People
• If someone appears online, you may select their icon and send them a message!

• Post the exciting moments from your life and give others a chance to know you.

Release notes

bug fixed


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Minimum OS version

iOS 14.0


Free ($0)

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