HiPal is an app that offers real-time location sharing and intercom functionality. With HiPal, you can instantly share your location with family and friends, and the walkie-talkie feature enables seamless voice communication in real-time.

Stay connected and bring your loved ones closer with HiPal, no matter the distance. Even outside the app, you can listen to walkie-talkie voice messages while watching videos, using other apps, or even when your screen is locked.

Discover the exciting features of HiPal:

- Location sharing
Easily view the precise locations of your friends and family on the map.

- Walkie-talkie
Listen to voice messages effortlessly without unlocking your phone.

- Arrival Notification
Receive a notification of where your loved ones are

- Boom
Engage in fun and interactive communication through pop-up messages, texts, emojis, GIFs, and more.

- Activity and Battery Monitoring
Receive notifications when your family members are exercising, driving, or when their battery is low.

- Fun Interactions
Enjoy engaging activities like Emoji Bombing and Poke.

HiPal is perfect for couples who want to track each other's locations, as well as for parents seeking to ensure their children's safety by keeping an eye on their whereabouts. Additionally, when embarking on a trip, HiPal can provide real-time tracking of your companions' locations.

Terms of Service: https://hipal.app/about/terms.html
Privacy Policy: https://hipal.app/about/privacy.html

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Minimum OS version

iOS 14.0


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