Lensa – your all-in-one creative companion. Make your selfies look perfect, add artistic flair to your photos with styles and special effects, or create music videos and trailers of your adventures (and much more!). Whether your digital art is intended for a wide audience or a close circle of friends — unlock your creative vision with the combination of Lensa AI and a vast library of art styles, special effects, filters, music, presets, backgrounds, frames and other design elements. Super easy to use, create professional-looking content in a few taps!

Magic Avatars
Discover the most sought-after trend on the internet. Magic Avatars transform you into your alter egos. Discover a world where you can take on a different style in seconds. Upload your pics—10 minimum—and see the magic happen. Get up to 200 unique avatars to use for your profile pic and so much more.

Photo editing
From practical enhancements to cool, trendy effects, Lensa has what you need to make your photos look spectacular. Simple, effective, and all yours. Discover:

- Skin retouching that looks natural, not blurry and artificial
- Increase eye size and make other subtle facial feature adjustments
- Recover poor quality photos and photos made with poor lightning
- Blur or replace the background with a different location or an artsy canvas
- Make the sky look amazingly beautiful or even epic
- Add golden sunshine, neon glow or a TV look with the special effects library
- Correct selfies for lensing effects to get professional-looking portraits

Video editing
Turn short clips into movies. All with just a few taps. Select soundtracks from a huge collection to create music videos. Get simple and easy-to-use video-making tools that allow you focus on creativity and forget the rest.

- Simply select any number of videos from your phone, and AI will do the rest
- Automatically selects the best, colourful and action packed cuts from each video
- The soundtrack beat is automatically synced with the action and camera transitions
- Easily adjust video fragments and customize highlights to get the movie you want

Art & design
Did someone say Picasso? Unleash your inner artists with the freshest art styles and filters in the world. Turn any photo into a masterpiece in seconds and show the world your true colors.

- One tap art filters. Turn your photos into works of art in the style of famous artists
- Transform photos with popular art styles - anime, cartoons, sketches, watercolors…
- Add frames, backgrounds and other design elements to create beautiful illustrations

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Release notes

BETTER EVERY DAY This update includes just some minor fixes which will help Lensa run smoothly on your smartphone. Enjoy editing!


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