Say hello to 55,000 beauty products, or:
- Follow inspiring Lyko Social accounts
- Check out looks and clever beauty hacks
- Share pictures, videos, and hot tips
- Find likeminded users and get followers
- Scroll through all things hair, skin, makeup, fragrance
- Read reviews
- Rate and review products
- Save your favorites
- Chat with customer service
- Get member perks
- Win goodie bags and stuff
- Read about trends (or start your own)

Note! This app is guaranteed to be free of inhibitions = no don’ts, only do’s. So, let loose in front of the mirror: Try a braid, a bob cut, or no hair at all. Switch it up with French, glazed, ombre, and somewhat chipped manicure – all at once. Fake freckles, mascara clumps, bleached-out brows. Fragrance for him for her, and fragrance for her for him – or all in on your natural scent. Learn “the perfect skincare routine” – just to break the rules. Every way is okay – and we’ll help you find yours.

See you in the app! Hope you’ll like it.

PS. This is our best app ever, no doubt… and our first! Questions? Email

Release notes

Just like you, we treat ourselves to moments of self-care from time to time. A face mask here, a little bug fix there! Lovely! At this rate, we age like fine wine.


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