Indoor Maps & Digital Wayfinding

Have you ever been lost inside a large, complex building such as a university or hospital? Or felt the stress of being late for a meeting because you didn’t know where to go?

MazeMap’s indoor navigation app can guide you through large, complex buildings, and even show you where to stop off for a coffee on the way!

We use a range of technologies, such as WiFi, GPS, beacons and magnetic fields to pinpoint your position on our maps, and navigate you seamlessly from A to B. Whether you are looking for a specific room, the nearest toilet, or the information desk, MazeMap can guide you there.

MazeMap is currently available in 35+ countries, in 10+ languages.

Why waste time being lost? Download the MazeMap app now!

**The MazeMap app is free to use. If you would like to see MazeMap in your building please contact us**

Release notes

location service updates


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Minimum OS version

iOS 12.4


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