Introducing the new MyToyota app, a set of connected and remote services designed to make life easier for owners of a connectable Toyota model.

Communicate and manage your car wherever you are using the MyToyota app on your smartphone. Find your car, precondition your car’s cabin temperature remotely, optimise your driving style, receive driving analytics, service reminders and maintenance notifications – and so much more.

How can you benefit?

- SAVE TIME FINDING YOUR CAR: Forgot where you parked your Toyota? Locate it easily with Find My Car.¹

- SPOT YOUR CAR IN A CROWD: Can’t find your Toyota in a busy car park? Tap Hazard Lights to quickly locate it with a flash of your car’s hazard lights. ¹

- DRIVE MORE EFFICIENTLY: Enjoy personalised Hybrid Driving Coaching on how you can drive your Hybrid car to its full capability based on previous journeys, reduce your fuel consumption and track your progress over time.¹

- CONVENIENT CONTROL: Check your Vehicle Status and use the Remote Door Lock/Unlock feature to remotely lock or unlock your Toyota’s doors at the press of a button, for complete peace of mind and convenience wherever you are. ¹

- SET THE IDEAL TEMPERATURE: Remote Climate allows you to remotely activate the heating and ventilation controls of your Toyota before you begin a journey. Pre-heat and defrost your windscreens in winter or pre-cool the interior in summer for comfort on every trip.1

- ANALYSE YOUR JOURNEYS: Get access to valuable data and insights around your driving behaviour with Driving analytics. ¹

- CONVENIENT SERVICING: With Online Service Booking you can book your service or check maintenance history in a few simple steps to ensure your Toyota’s always safe to drive and in optimal condition.¹

- STAY BETTER INFORMED: Receive important Service and Maintenance reminders and never miss an appointment again. ¹

- REDUCE YOUR INSURANCE PREMIUMS: Make the most of your Hybrid vehicle. Full Hybrid Insurance (FHI) not only protects your vehicle, but also encourages you to make the best use of your Hybrid and rewards you for driving safely in electric mode. The more you drive in electric mode, the more you save on your insurance renewal premiums. Don’t own a Toyota Hybrid? No problem. Our Usage Based Insurance also rewards safer, smoother driving with savings on your insurance renewals. ¹

- HELP WITH WARNINGS: Be alerted to any warnings displayed in your Toyota and automatically receive timely support and assistance from your Toyota Retailer if a repair is required with Warning Lights. ¹

MyToyota connected services are available on selected models and grades of connectable Toyota vehicles.

For more information, contact your Toyota Retailer. ¹

Release notes

In this release :
- Minor improvements and bugfixes


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