Nordea ID app provides an easy and secure way to authenticate your identity.

With the app you can do your banking regardless of time and place. Begin by installing the app on your mobile device and go through the activation process. You shouldn’t rely on just one copy of the Nordea ID app. If your phone or tablet breaks down or gets lost, you will also lose the Nordea ID app and you will need to go through the activation process again. To avoid this, we recommend that you install the Nordea ID app on more than one mobile device.

With the Nordea ID app you can:
- log in to Nordea services and confirm actions
- confirm online payments in a secure way
- as a personal customer identify yourself in other service providers’ services (only in Finland and Norway)
- identify yourself when calling Nordea Customer Service. (only in Finland and Norway)

The app can’t be used on rooted mobile devices for security reasons.

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Release notes

Updates for user experience and other smaller improvements.

New activation methods for Finland and Denmark.

Possibility to receive push notifications when a new activation starts with your agreement.


Finance > Business

Minimum OS version

iOS 12.0


Free ($0)

Download in Apple App Store