Are you sure that the "miracle" cream you slather on your body every day is safe for your skin? Do you really know what ingredients your favorite foundation contains? The OnSkin app will set your mind at ease by telling you precisely what you’re putting on your skin and whether it's safe for you.

With OnSkin, you have a seasoned digital cosmetologist by your side. Choose from three ways to get a product’s safety profile—take a photo of it, scan its barcode, or look up its name on the app. OnSkin will see past the glitz and glamor and decipher the Latin names on the label in a clear way, flagging any potentially harmful components. Plus, the app recommends cleaner alternatives to help you look and feel healthier inside and out.

The OnSkin product ratings are 100% unbiased—we don’t partner with any brands. Our in-house team of biologists and physicians have used the latest scientific research on toxicology and dermatology to assess over 15,000 cosmetic ingredients. Using an AI calculating algorithm and human curation, we rate products promptly while preserving the quality of manual analysis.

Just complete a short survey about your skin to get essential care steps and active ingredients to look for when hunting for new products, all tuned to your unique skin and curated by our skin experts. These may be a great kickoff for starting a substantial skincare routine or double-checking your existing one.

Finding suitable products for your skin (especially if it’s acne-prone and sensitive) can be quite a puzzle, but with OnSkin, you’ll always know if a product is a perfect match, a potential match, or not a match for you. Based on the info you input about your skin type and skincare goals, we check how well a product is tailored to your skin needs, so you can invest in effective formulas without having to experiment with your face.

Viral products seem tempting to give a shot, but how do you check whether it's all just hype before you rush to Sephora? Every week, you’ll see compilations of the top 10 most buzzy products from various categories, from washes to serums. For each, you’ll learn about the powerful and questionable ingredients and their effects, all explained in simple terms. Plus, our skin experts will weigh in on whether it's good value for money! You get to see the real face of raved-about skincare and pick items based on their effects, not just their popularity.

See what products are trending on the app and discover new faves!

Test your cosmetic intuition with this quick, fun daily game. Is a product’s safety score above or below 50? Pick it right and get a chance to win Premium and scan products without limits!

Need specific advice on your skin type or want to learn more about that latest beauty trend? Type in your own query or choose from the most popular ones and get a professional consultation from the AI Skin Helper in a matter of seconds.

With Hair Lab, you quickly get a cosmetologist-approved analysis of any hair product and see if its components are likely to suit your hair needs. Use Hair Lab to build your locks’ dream routine and enjoy having a good hair day every day!

If you want to check a product that's not yet on OnSkin, add it to our database—you'll see its safety score in just a few hours.

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In the new release, meet Product Reviews! Every week, you’ll get in-depth analyses of the top 10 buzzy products from our Science Team. For each, discover which skin types will reap the most benefits, its active and questionable ingredients and their effects, its value for money, and our Science Team’s unfiltered opinion! See the real face of viral skincare and invest in effective products.

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