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This app is available to use all over the world, but please note that the ad free Premium content is in Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish!

The best things about PodMe:
All of our premium content is ad free
You can try out the app for free, and there’s even a free trial to try out the Premium selection
You’ll find loads of your favourite Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish podcasts in our premium selection.
You’ll discover new and original podcasts that you’ll only find in our app.
You can cancel your subscription at any time
You can download episodes and listen offline
You can add and sort your episodes in queue, so you can run your day hassle free

If you have questions or concerns, or would like to tell us that you just love ad free content as much as we do and would love to have PodMe in your market - shoot us an email at support@podme.com.

Terms and conditions (Swedish): https://podme.com/se/anvandarvillkor
Privacy policy (Swedish): https://podme.com/se/integritetspolicy

Release notes

In this version we have fixed a few bugs and improved the overall stability of the app.
If you have questions about the app, please send us an email to support@podme.com.

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