The Posten app makes it easy to track, order home delivery and pick up your packages. You can also send packages in the app, and pick up packages in pakkeboks.

When you register with your phone number and e-mail we’ll find your packages automatically. You can also add packages manually. We’ll send you updates about the packages, and tell you when and where to pick it up.

The app is built around customer feedback, and we update the app continuously. If you’ve got suggestions for improvements or find errors in the app, you can contact us through the feedback function.

In the Posten app you can:

- Track packages
- Send packages
- Order home delivery
- Pick up from pakkeboks
- Easy access to pick up codes
- Avoid long lines by seeing traffic at the pick up place
- Get notifications on packages on its way to you
- View opening hours for the pick up place

Release notes

So, what’s new? - We have redesigned the parcel page and are pretty happy about how it turned out, and hope you are too!
- You can finally choose for yourself how you want to be notified on your parcels. Choose between push notifications from the app, sms or email. You can also do a combo of these to get it exactly how you want.
- For starters we merged the to and from lists into a single list containing all your parcels including the archived ones.
- Old archived parcels might not be the most interesting parcels to always have in the list. With the new filter option you can easily hide these parcel if you want.
- For those hard to find parcels we’ve added a brand new search field which even accounts for typos, hwo boat taht?
- The design itself has also received a bit of love and we will of course keep working on it to make it better. Help us make it better by sending us your thoughts and ideas through the feedback function. Some of our parcel options like sharing and deleting have been a bit tricky to find, so to make it easier we have made every parcel swipeable with easy access to the parcel options.
Bug fixes
- As usual we have also squashed the odd bug here and there. One last thing, we would love input and ideas from you on how we can improve. Feel free to send us your comments through the feedback function in the app. Even though we are not able to answer as many of them as we’d like, we do read every single one of them, both negatives and positives. We really do appreciate your feedback.

Minimum OS version


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