PowerOffice Go makes your everyday life easier - on the Go!
With the PowerOffice Go app, you get access to your pay slip and to register working hours as well as holiday and leave.

Displays a selection of financial reports for your company. Here you can see widgets for Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Revenue, and Expenses. The accounting widgets are clickable, allowing you to see more details. For example, in Accounts Receivable, you can click to see issued invoices.
The dashboard also has a time widget that summarizes the time you have worked, and shows how much work time you have left for the day. You also have quick access to frequently used functions and time registration directly from the dashboard.

Pay Slip:
View your pay slip directly on your mobile. With the PowerOffice Go app, you will get an overview of your last pay, what you have been paid out as salary previously and an overview of important key figures. You can also export the pay slip as a pdf file, if necessary.

With PowerOffice Go timesheet on your mobile, it is easy to register the hours continuously when you are on the Go.
- Hours with actual time
- Hours with a stopwatch
- Time off (Time in lieu)
- The app remembers your frequently used hours
- Approve hours per day or per week
PowerOffice Go timesheet is closely integrated with PowerOffice Go accounting and payroll. This means that billable hours are invoiced easily, and hours and overtime work is included in the salary calculation completely automatically.

Holiday and leave:
Get a complete overview of your holiday and leave. Plan and register your holiday directly in the app.
- Holiday balance
- Flextime balance
- Absence including sick child days
As a manager, you also get the opportunity to approve absence directly.

Approve an invoice, expenses and other vouchers.
-In journal approval, all approval requests are listed under their respective clients. You can approve directly from this list, or see details to approve, reject, forward or return.


You will be notified of approved vouchers that are ready for payment. Turn off the notification from the clients you do not want to be notified of. When you authorise one or more payments, the files are transferred to the bank and paid on the due date.


Travel expenses
Filling out travel expense claim is easy. Start the travel expense claim as you walk out the door at home, and register receipts and mileage and other travel allowances. Receipts are scanned for date, amount and currency. The travel invoices can be expensed and paid immediately at the end of the trip. PowerOffice Go is always updated in accordance with current regulations, rates and exchange rates. Seamlessly integrated with PowerOffice Go Payroll.

With PowerOffice Go, you can easily take photos of your receipts and send them in for bookkeeping and payment. Receipts are scanned for date, amount and currency.


The "Voucher" menu allows for easy submission of receipts and other supporting documentation. This documentation is sent into journal entry to be recorded in the accounting. Employees and non-employees can submit documentation and receipts across clients.


Get an overview of your own and your company's documents that you have access to. View and add new ones directly from your mobile.

Chat with your coworkers and your accountant.

In General:
Easy and secure login with Face ID, Touch ID or another screen lock.
New functionality will be included continuously.

Release notes

- Bug fixes


Business > Finance

Minimum OS version

iOS 14.7


Free ($0)

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