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Queue is the easiest and most fun way to track your movies and shows, discover new things to watch, and share what you're watching with your friends.

*See where anything is available to stream
*Watch trailers
*If you've been tracking on your phone what you want to watch, Copy and Paste your list from Notes, spreadsheet, anything, and in seconds it'll appear on your Queue. Upgrade your watchlist!
*Create custom lists to show off your favorites or help keep your organized
*Swipe with a friend to help you agree on something to watch
*Don't know what to watch? Use the Spinner to help you decide
*Never miss a movie or series again with notifications to remind you when titles premiere and new seasons air
*Track your series - we have all the air dates for seasons and episodes to help you stay up to date
*Unlock fun badges through different challenges in the app

Keep in mind we aren't a streaming service - you still need to have access to streaming services in order to watch the movies and shows you discover on Queue. But if you have streaming services like Netflix, Max, Hulu, Peacock, Paramount+ and more, you'll love how Queue keeps your organized.

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Swipe with a friend to help you decide what to watch! Add filters to customize what to Swipe on, or let us serve up recommendations for you. We'll suggest titles that you and your friend have Queued and popular titles that we think you'd enjoy.


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