You can now log into the Spare app with your BankID from any bank. Get an overview of how much you’re saving in DNB and other banks. It’s easy to get started with regular saving, whether in mutual funds, equities (shares), or in a savings account. Small, fixed amounts can get you a long way. Explore the possibilities and reach your goals in Spare.

View your assets:
• Accounts
• Mutual funds
• Equities (shares)
• Pension

Reach your savings goal:
• Set your own goal and choose how you want to save
• Save every time you use your card or pay a bill
• Track your progress and reach your goal

Track the development of your mutual funds savings:
• Buy, exchange and sell mutual funds or start a savings agreement
• Try our digital fund adviser
• Learn more about how to save in mutual funds

Be your own stockbroker:
• Track the value of your equities (shares)
• Trade on Oslo Børs and 15 other stock exchanges worldwide

See how much pension you’ll get:
• Track your own pension savings
• Change how your employer saves for your pension

Track your share savings account:
• Track the developments in your share savings account
• Learn more about how the share savings account works

Read the latest news on savings and investment:
• Choose what kind of news you want to see

Release notes

Welcome to Spare! We’ve made some tweaks and squished some bugs to make your experience as smooth as possible.


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