Norwegian Customs' app for quota calculation and customs clearance.

Calculate the duty free quota and clear through customs the items you are bringing in above the quota. The app calculates the duty. You can pay directly in the app and go through the green channel.

If you want to bring in alcohol and tobacco products exceeding the duty free quota, you can use this app to calculate the duty you have to pay. Using this app you can clear up to 27 liters of beer or wine, four liters of spirits, 400 cigarettes, 500 grams of tobacco or snuff and 400 cigarette papers and tubes. You can also customs clear other goods than alcohol and tobacco, up to and including a value of NOK 20,000 per person.

When you have completed the customs clearance, a receipt will appear in the app. You may then cross the border through the green channel, and you do not have to present yourself to Customs.

You can choose to complete the customs clearance directly before crossing the border or clear your goods in advance.

At a customs control, you will be asked to show the receipt you have received. The receipt states what items you have cleared, and the time period in which you can cross the border.

You can choose to have a copy of the receipt sent to a given e-mail address. Note that the e-mail is not valid as receipt at a customs control.

You can choose to clear goods for one more person in addition to yourself. You must then cross the border together.

The app includes information on the duty free quota, the value limits, customs clearance and regulations concerning travelling to Norway.

Regarding privacy in the Customs App:

When using the quota calculator, no information will be passed to Customs.​

Release notes

Minor fixes.​


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