Hi, I’m Vipps! A very, very easy app for transferring money between people and paying online, in-store and to organisations.. Vippsing is safe and done in a flash, just the way it should be.

With Vipps, you can:
• send and request money
• receive money
• check your balance
• schedule gifts wrapped in digital gift paper

If you’re over 15, you can also:
• pay online, in-store, and to organisations
• pay your bills
• set up recurring payments
• create settlements to find out who owes who
• join customer clubs and get benefits directly in Vipps

To use Vipps you need BankID, a Norwegian phone number, a Norwegian bank card, a Norwegian bank account, and an email address. Are you under 15? Then it’s enough with just a Norwegian phone number and a Norwegian bank account.

It’s always free to pay, and it’s free to vipps to private persons up to 5000 NOK. If you vipps more than 5000 NOK to the same person within 24 hours, it costs 1% of the amount you vipps.

Vipps is available in Norwegian (bokmål and nynorsk), English, Danish, Swedish, and Finnish.

Made in the Nordics, with love for making things very, very easy.

Release notes

New in! Forget about the old skool way of collecting money. Now you can just create a box in Vipps and save up for school trips, farewell gifts and weekend getaways – together. As always, it’s very, very easy :)


Finance > Social Networking

Minimum OS version

iOS 15.0


Free ($0)

Download in Apple App Store