Stay updated with the latest information: Access your payslips and receive automatic notifications for incoming new ones. Register receipts and mileage expenses and send them for approval. Easily enter your work hours, register your sick leave or apply for vacation on the go.

Visma Employee is a business app for your mobile device. It provides those currently receiving their payslip from various Visma payroll solutions with quick and easy access to their payslips. View your payslip on the go, when and where suits you. The app also contains an integration with Absence & Expense, so you can easily register sickness, send vacation requests and register all the other event types directly from the app. In the Expense section you can easily take photos of your receipts and create mileage expenses, and send them directly for approval.

A streamlined mobile app that allows you to:

• View your payslips
• See the original payslip (PDF), if you wish to view all details
• Export all your payslips to a single PDF
• Register absence and attendance
• Send vacation requests
• Automatically scan receipts and digital images/ PDF documents and register them as expenses
• Register mileage expenses by following the map for automatic distance calculation
• Send expense claims for approval
• Setup automatic notifications for incoming payslips,vacation approval, and more.
• Secure your app with a personalized security code/Touch ID

Supported languages: Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and English

If you are wondering if this app works for you, contact your payroll administrator. Some of the features listed will be enabled based on your role.

Release notes

Introducing the Employee Assistant, designed to transform the way you manage your attendance and absence registration.
The Assistant intelligently interprets your written or spoken input, converting it into structured events ready for your confirmation. Our Assistant simplifies the process, giving you the flexibility to confirm, edit, or disregard any suggestions before finalizing. This ensures efficiency and personalization in registering your time.


Business > Finance

Minimum OS version

iOS 15.0


Free ($0)

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