Vivaldi Browser is a powerful, personal, and private web browser. It comes packed with built-in features including desktop-style tabs, an Ad Blocker, tracking protection. Designed to put you back in control. Trusted by millions of users across the world.

- Ad Blocker: Browse with minimal distractions.
- Tracker Blocker: Stay protected with leading privacy and security features.
- Desktop-like tabs: Efficiently manage multiple websites at once.
- Encrypted Sync: Seamlessly sync data across your mobile and desktop devices.
- Notes: Jot down thoughts and ideas while browsing.
- Bookmarks: Organize your favorite sites effortlessly.
- Reading Lists: Save articles for offline reading.
- Custom App Icon: Personalize Vivaldi's appearance on your home screen.
- Switch Search Engines: Choose your preferred search engine on the fly.
- Set Vivaldi as Default Browser: Open all links in Vivaldi.

Vivaldi Browser is a true powerhouse that will supercharge you and help you perform with a variety of built-in features. Browse and get more done at a lightning-fast speed.

Experience unmatched levels of personalization. Whether you're a casual or an advanced user, get the flexibility and versatility to browse the web your way.

What you do online is your own business - we have zero data to sell! Browse the web with more peace of mind, while we help to protect you from the prying eyes of Big Tech.

Bring the robust tab management from your desktop to your iOS device. Vivaldi on iOS features a unique Tab Bar akin to the desktop browser. To activate or deactivate the Tab Bar, head to Vivaldi menu > Settings, and tap on "Show Tab Bar" to toggle the setting.

Never feel out of touch. Sync your data across devices with end-to-end encryption. From open tabs and saved logins to bookmarks and notes, everything is seamlessly available wherever you go. Add an extra layer of security with an encryption password.

Ready to make the switch? Set Vivaldi as your default browser and experience the web like never before. Here's how: Go to Settings, scroll down to Vivaldi, and select it as your Default Browser App. It's that simple!

With millions active users and a vibrant community of over 1.4 million members worldwide, Vivaldi is redefining what a web browser can be. At Vivaldi, we believe a browser should be powerful, personal, and private. With our unique philosophy of "respect, question, create, and deliver," we're crafting a browsing experience that adapts to you, not the other way around.

By downloading Vivaldi, you are agreeing to the End User License Agreement at Learn more about how Vivaldi handles and protects your data in our Privacy Policy at

Release notes


Welcome to the new version of Vivaldi.

In this new update, we’ve fine-tuned the browser, squashed some bugs, and added new functions. Here’s what's new in 6.4:

Pin your favorite sites and stay organized: Pinned tabs are a great way to ensure that your favorite websites are just a tap away. Tabs can be pinned from their context menu in the Tab Switcher.
Take a shortcut with Search Engine Nicknames: With nicknames, you can easily search with any of the included search engines in the browser. Simply type the nickname followed by the search term to search with the selected search engine. You can also set different default search engines for regular and private tabs.

We have designed the browser’s functionality for larger mobile screens so that it suits your iPad. With Panels on the left of the screen, you can optimize the available screen space.

For more details, head to our release blog:

Our built-in tools include Desktop-style tabs, Speed Dials, Panels, Notes, Reading List, Tracker and Ad blocker, and end-to-end encrypted Sync functionality. We believe that your browser should adapt to you, not the other way around. We give you the flexibility to browse the web your way with Vivaldi’s powerful features and unmatched levels of personalization..

It is perfect for devices running iOS/iPad OS 15 or above. Enjoy the new update and if you like it, give us 5 stars.

Your reviews and ratings are much appreciated. Keep 'em coming!

Vivaldi Team


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Minimum OS version

iOS 15.0


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